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Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal is to bring our content to as wide of an audience as possible.  Subscribing to our YouTube Channel and telling others about us helps keep the project alive.  We appreciate your support! 

We strive to get our dimensions as accurate as possible; we will first attempt to retrieve them from the campground managers themselves, but if that is unavailable we will search third-party resources or will sometimes measure ourselves. 

While we give our best effort for accuracy, dimensions should be considered as approximate. 

We typically shoot early Spring or end of Fall; we do this to film the campgrounds as empty as possible to give you a better idea of their layouts.

As a result of this, sometimes the trees might be missing leaves or the tones of the topography might be darker than usual.

Ah, you must be referring to our drones! While we try to keep them out of the shots as much as possible, sometimes the sun produces shadows during filming. Don’t mind them – they’re working hard to bring you high resolution imagery of the campsites.

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